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UPA should not dilute nuclear liability law via The New Indian Express

Last Updated : 30 Sep 2011 11:58:29 PM IST

Manmohan Singh’s pet project, the India-US nuclear deal, on which he staked the survival of UPA-I, hasn’t quite turned out to be the blessing it was touted to be. Apart from the concerns voiced by the inhabitants of areas where the nuclear power stations are expected to be built, the agreement itself has begun to fray at the edges. As the differences over the terms of the nuclear liability Act show, the US is unwilling to let American companies bear the burden of the compensation they may have to pay in the event of an accident since it regards the proposed sum to be too high. The other suppliers, such as France and Russia, are not as rigid, but US is flexing its muscles as it apparently still considers itself to be a superpower even if the rest of the world no longer does so. Moreover, it also probably thinks that the Manmohan Singh government will be a pushover in its present weakened state.

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