Japan quake evacuees: Starting again via BBC News

Dai Saito used to live with his wife and two children in Haramachi-ku in Minamisouma, which lies inside the 20-30km “stay indoors” zone around the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant. He worked as a children’s football coach. But he and his family have now left the area and do not know when they will go back. Six months after the disaster, he tells the BBC about his life now.

We live in Koto, Tokyo, in a flat for civil servants that the local government made available to evacuees. We are on the 29th floor with a night view over Tokyo, which we couldn’t have imagined back home. The Red Cross supplied us with appliances like a fridge and a television. But I think it is a shame we have to pay our electricity bills to Tepco [the operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant].

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