Miyagi industrial goods to be checked via The Japan Times

SENDAI — Miyagi Prefecture will start offering free radiation tests Monday for locally assembled industrial goods to combat rumors related to the ongoing nuclear crisis in neighboring Fukushima Prefecture, prefectural officials said Saturday.

The products eligible to be tested will be primarily electronic components and machinery, the officials said, adding manufacturers will need to make appointments with the prefecture’s Industrial Technology Institute for the checkups, which will last through June.

Documents verifying the radiation tests will also be provided for submission to clients.

Local companies are getting requests from business partners to check products for radioactivity as the crisis continues at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, which has been leaking radiation since March 11.

“Machinery is basically assembled indoors and there must be little to be worried about. But we have to do this as (the companies) were asked (to have their products checked),” one of the prefectural officials said.

Miyagi industrial goods to be checked

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