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How Opposite Energy Policies Turned The Fukushima Disaster Into A Loss For Japan And A Win For Germany via Forbes

Japan thinks of itself as famously poor in energy, but this national identity rests on a semantic confusion. Japan is indeed poor in fossil fuels—but among all major industrial countries, it’s the richest in renewable energy like sun, wind, and … Continue reading

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Koizumi, Hosokawa unite to launch anti-nuclear entity via Japan Daily News

Despite losing his Tokyo gubernatorial bid on an anti-nuclear platform, ex-Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa is once again teaming up with another former Premier, the ever-popular Junichiro Koizumi, to continue their fight against the use of nuclear technology. The two former … Continue reading

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“Le nucléaire coûte plus cher que les renouvelables” via Sos Planete

Le nucléaire coûte plus cher que les renouvelables sur la durée de vie, a affirmé mardi matin le ministre wallon de l’Energie, Jean-Marc Nollet (Ecolo), au micro de Matin Première (RTBF). Evoquant le coût de la construction de nouvelles centrales … Continue reading

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France struggles to cut down on nuclear power via BBC News

The Fukushima disaster led many countries to rethink their view on nuclear energy. Germany plans to abandon it altogether, but French President Francois Hollande also wants to cut nuclear output sharply – by a third in 20 years. It’s a … Continue reading

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Siemens Says Japan’s Renewable Capacity to Almost Double by 2030 via Bloomberg

Siemens AG (SIE), Europe’s biggest engineering company, expects Japan to almost double its capacity of renewable energy by 2030, while continuing with nuclear power generation even after the Fukushima disaster. Renewable energy may account for 35 percent of capacity in … Continue reading

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Abenomics needs a reboot rather than nuclear restarts via Japan Focus

Andrew DeWitt A June 2 article in Bloomberg by the deservedly respected University of California at San Diego Professor of Japanese Business, Ulrike Schaede, makes the argument that Abenomics requires nuclear restarts in order to work.1 Professor Schaede presents an … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy vs. Nuclear Power: Taiwan’s energy future in light of Chinese, German and Japanese experience since 3.11 via Japan Focus

John Mathews and Mei-Chih Hu Taiwan is presently wracked by debate over the prospect of a referendum on the country’s Fourth Nuclear Power facility, currently under construction but subject to a ban on further works. The debate is focused on … Continue reading

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An Emerging Fukushima Model? via The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

By Andrew DeWitt After two years in which international attention focused on Fukushima as an emblem of disaster, Fukushima’s plans for immense floating wind farm projects have begun to attract international attention. This April 15 article “Fukushima Moves Forward With … Continue reading

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Fukushima Meltdown’s 2nd Anniversary Brings Protests Against Japan’s Reliance on Nuclear Power via Democracy Now!

Japan stands at a crossroads over its reliance on nuclear power as the country marks the second anniversary of one of the world’s worst atomic disasters. On March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami that struck Japan’s … Continue reading

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We don’t need nuclear power to meet climate goals and keep the lights on via the guardian

It would be a folly to think that there is no hope of tackling climate change without nuclear power Making the case for new nuclear this week, George Monbiot admitted that, what with the proposed nuclear waste dump in Cumbria … Continue reading

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