Koizumi, Hosokawa unite to launch anti-nuclear entity via Japan Daily News

Despite losing his Tokyo gubernatorial bid on an anti-nuclear platform, ex-Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa is once again teaming up with another former Premier, the ever-popular Junichiro Koizumi, to continue their fight against the use of nuclear technology. The two former leaders have established a nonprofit organization, which will promote anti-nuclear programs.

Hosokawa hopes to end nuclear use as the country continues to recover from the Fukushima disaster three years ago. “I want to support efforts to build the local economy without reliance on nuclear power,” he said. The new association will focus on using alternative and renewable sources of energy, opposing the restart of idle reactors and pushing candidates to run against pro-nuclear politicians. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration, along with Japan’s ruling coalition, recently released a new energy policy, which indicates the use of nuclear power as an important source. An official from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party expressed no concern over the team up, saying, “They no longer have any clout to significantly sway public opinion.”

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