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Long-term low-dose radiation exposure may increase leukemia risk via Reuters

(Reuters Health) – In a long-term study of more than 300,000 workers in France, the U.S. and the U.K., those with many years of exposure to low doses of radiation had an increased risk of dying from leukemia. Medical workers … Continue reading

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Leukemia and lymphoma study recently published in Lancet being strong challenged by SARI via Atomic Insights

A recent study published in Lancet Haematology claims to show that even extremely low doses of radiation increase the risk of leukemia and lymphoma. The study includes several statistical flaws, ignores the effects of medical exposures — which are of … Continue reading

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NUKES vs GLOBAL WARMING vs RENEWABLE ENERGY as we investigate how King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes & Gas) is doing its best to subvert our Solartopian future. DAVE KRAFT of Chicago’s Nuclear Energy Information Service joins CINDY FOLKERS and KEVIN … Continue reading

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Nuclear power stations cause childhood leukemia – and here’s the proof via The Ecologist

The core issue is that, world-wide, over 60 epidemiological studies have examined cancer incidences in children near nuclear power plants (NPPs): most (>70%) indicate leukemia increases. I can think of no other area of toxicology (eg asbestos, lead, smoking) with … Continue reading

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Yellow Blood: Hepatitis C and the Modernist Settlement in Japan via Japan Focus

Of course, hepatitis C virus had nowhere to go from the leprosy sanatoria; like its human hosts, it was incarcerated there, but beyond the sanatoria, the modernist settlement in Japan meant that the HCV introduced as a corollary of programs … Continue reading

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Fukushima Forever via HuffPost

Charles Perrow Fukushima is just the latest episode in a dangerous dance with radiation that has been going on for 68 years. Since the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945 we have repeatedly let loose plutonium and other … Continue reading

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When the US Used Cancer as a Weapon via Counterpunch

By Jeffrey St. Clair At the close of the first Gulf War, Saddam Hussein was denounced as a ferocious villain for ordering his retreating troops to destroy Kuwaiti oil fields, clotting the air with poisonous clouds of black smoke and … Continue reading

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Haploinsufficiency of SAMD9L, an Endosome Fusion Facilitator, Causes Myeloid Malignancies in Mice Mimicking Human Diseases with Monosomy 7 via Cancer Cell (Science Direct)

Highlights •SAMD9L-deficient mice develop myelodysplastic syndrome in their advanced age •SAMD9L enhances reconstitution ability of hematopoietic stem cells •SAMD9L degrades cytokine receptors through the homotypic fusion of endosomes •Haploinsufficiency of SAMD9L mimics human myeloid malignancies with monosomy 7 Summary Monosomy 7 and … Continue reading

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French nuclear tests ‘showered vast area of Polynesia with radioactivity’ via Islands Business

PARIS, France —- French nuclear tests in the South Pacific in the 1960s and 1970s were far more toxic than has been previously acknowledged and hit a vast swath of Polynesia with radioactive fallout, according to newly declassified Ministry of … Continue reading

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No Childhood Leukemia Found Near Ontario Nuclear Power Plants via Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has completed a ground-breaking study on populations living near Ontario’s three nuclear power plants (NPPs). The most important finding of this study is no evidence of childhood leukemia clusters in the communities within 25 … Continue reading

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