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Ontario can phase out nuclear and avoid increased carbon emissions via The Conversation

s wind and solar energy have become cheaper, they’ve become a more prominent and important way to generate clean electricity in most parts of the world. The Ontario government, on the other hand, is cancelling renewable energy projects at a reported … Continue reading

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Plan to store nuclear waste near Great Lakes proves radioactive via The Washington Post

KINCARDINE, Ontario — If there was an off-key moment during the otherwise flawlessly executed trip to the U.S. Capitol this spring by the new Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, it might have come when he was cornered by Rep. Debbie … Continue reading

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Running out of nuclear options via NOW

Ontario’s nuclear regulator is seeking an unprecedented 13-year licence to keep pumping out nuclear power, but what’s good for the nuke industry may not be good for residents living within the impact zone of a severe accident A roomful of … Continue reading

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Nuclear Hope: A Documentary About the Deepest and Darkest Places on Earth via Nuclear Hope

What will Canada do with its enormous stockpile of deadly radioactive waste? Currently, many small communities throughout Ontario are considering burying it underneath their boarders and close to Lake Huron and Lake Superior. When local residents learn about this plan, … Continue reading

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Reject burying nuke waste in Great Lakes basin: Thorold politicians via Niagara this week

Lake Huron and connecting waterways source of drinking water for millions downstream THOROLD — Burying nuclear waste that will remain toxic for a thousand centuries a short hop from the shoreline of a Great Lake would be foolhardy, Thorold politicians … Continue reading

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Anti-radiation pills to be given to neighbours of Ontario nuclear plants via CTVNews

TORONTO — Hundreds of thousands of people who live near Ontario’s nuclear power plants will have to be given supplies of anti-radiation pills under new orders from Canada’s nuclear regulator. Currently, stockpiles of potassium iodide (KI) pills are kept in … Continue reading

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A Nuclear Waste Dump on the Shore of the Great Lakes? via Global Research

This “out of sight, out of mind” mentality must end. We can’t continue to dump garbage into the oceans, waterways and air or bury it in the ground and hope it will disappear. Is dilution really the solution to pollution—especially … Continue reading

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Planned Ontario nuclear waste dump hits heavy weather: Walkom via The Star

It won’t be just irradiated mops that are buried in Ontario Power Generation’s proposed Lake Huron nuclear waste dump. […] Over three days of federal environmental assessment hearings, the scheme to build an underground storage dump capable of holding 200,000 … Continue reading

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Pickering nuclear plant gets license extension via star.com

Pickering gets five-year extension past its original design life—but is on a shorter leash he 40-year-old Pickering nuclear power plant will continue supplying power for another five years without a major refit – providing it meets several conditions. An extension … Continue reading

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DGR near Great Lakes “an act of insanity” says Barlow via shorelinebeacon.com

The deep geological repository (DGR) debate, like the water debate, needs to be something that starts from the ground up. Those were the closing words by keynote speaker Maude Barlow to the 472 people at the Great Lakes Need Great … Continue reading

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