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Victim of 1954 U.S. H-bomb test over Bikini Atoll dies at 87via Asahi Shimbun

[…] All 23 crew members were exposed to radioactive fallout from a hydrogen bomb test conducted by the United States on March 1, 1954. A crew member in charge of operating the ship’s ham radio died just six months after … Continue reading

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Former fishermen lose H-bomb damages suit linked to Bikini Atoll tests U.S. conducted in 1954 via the Japan Times

KOCHI – A court has rejected a damages suit filed by former fishermen and their families who allege the state hid key records showing they were exposed to radiation from the Pacific hydrogen bomb tests conducted by the United States in … Continue reading

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Yellow Blood: Hepatitis C and the Modernist Settlement in Japan via Japan Focus

Of course, hepatitis C virus had nowhere to go from the leprosy sanatoria; like its human hosts, it was incarcerated there, but beyond the sanatoria, the modernist settlement in Japan meant that the HCV introduced as a corollary of programs … Continue reading

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