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‘Atoms and Ashes,’ a Frightening Tour of Six Nuclear Accidents via The New York Times

Serhii Plokhy writes about Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and other disasters, and about the common impulse among governments “to hide information and, later, to spin or distort it.” By Jennifer Szalai ATOMS AND ASHESA Global History of Nuclear DisastersBy Serhii PlokhyIllustrated. … Continue reading

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Victim of 1954 U.S. H-bomb test over Bikini Atoll dies at 87via Asahi Shimbun

[…] All 23 crew members were exposed to radioactive fallout from a hydrogen bomb test conducted by the United States on March 1, 1954. A crew member in charge of operating the ship’s ham radio died just six months after … Continue reading

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UT Student Spent Summer Conducting Tests at Nuclear Sites in Pacific via Tennessee Today

[…] Stratz was the lone student taking part in the recent radiation survey of former United States atomic and thermonuclear test sites in the islands on a team led by Terry Hamilton, scientific director of the Marshall Islands Program at … Continue reading

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Losing Paradise: The People Displaced by Atomic Bombs and Now Climate Change via Reader Supported News (The Guardian)

n 1946 an American commodore gathered Lirok Joash and her people together and asked them to temporarily leave their homes on Bikini Atoll. The US needed somewhere to test its atomic bombs. It would be, said the navy man, “for … Continue reading

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