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Art and “un-forgetting”: How to honor the atomic dead via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Molly Hurley | November 26, 2021 […] Though I thrived amid the frenzied surprises of the city, I also found sudden moments of quiet solemnity while sketching inside the many art museums of the Big Apple. One of those museums was … Continue reading

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Hiroshima Fallout: The Atomic Bombing Coverup and the Reporter Who Exposed It to the World via Beyond Nuclear International

The following is a review of Lesely M.M. Blume’s new book about John Hersey, author of “Hiroshima”. By John Loretz In 1946, John Hersey wrote a magazine article that changed the world. On the 75thanniversary of the events he described … Continue reading

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73 Years After U.S. Dropped Atom Bomb on Nagasaki, Survivor Warns About Threat of Nuclear Warfare via Democracy Now!

Seventy-three years ago today, on August 9, 1945, the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki, killing 74,000 people and forever changing the lives of those who survived the nuclear attack. The bombing came just three … Continue reading

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Downwinders continue their fight to educate public on negative effects of atomic bomb testing via Ruidoso News

Members of the Tularosa Downwinders were at the Trinity site off U.S. 380 again this year as it opened for the public to tour the area on White Sands Missile Range where the atomic bomb was tested for use during World War II. […] … Continue reading

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Losing Paradise: The People Displaced by Atomic Bombs and Now Climate Change via Reader Supported News (The Guardian)

n 1946 an American commodore gathered Lirok Joash and her people together and asked them to temporarily leave their homes on Bikini Atoll. The US needed somewhere to test its atomic bombs. It would be, said the navy man, “for … Continue reading

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