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Poll shows concern via Leader Post

A group opposed to nuclear power generation in Saskatchewan has released a poll showing people are concerned about uranium mining in the province. The poll was released in advance of an event that features a talk Thursday by Dr. Helen … Continue reading

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【audio】THE ONGOING DAMAGE AND DANGER AT FUKUSHIMA via Fairewinds Energy Education

AG: Well, I am at a million. Well the nuclear industry is obviously throwing barbs at my number, but they are claiming that maybe a hundred people will die from the accident. HC: Oh, that is ridiculous. AG: But I … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Sacrifice of Our Children via Reader Supported News

By Helen Caldicott hen I visited Cuba in 1979, I was struck by the number of roadside billboards that declared “Our children are our national treasure.” This resonated with me as a pediatrician, and of course it is true. But … Continue reading

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【Helen Caldicott interview】The Ongoing Danger From Fukushima via Reader Supported News

At the 67 th anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima, Dr. Helen Caldicott, a co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility pediatrician and anti-nuclear campaigner, reflected on the 2011 nuclear accident at Fukushima and the continuing threat from its radiation, … Continue reading

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【Radio】Helen Caldicott, “Fukushima and Nuclear Energy” via Red Ice Radio

A one-hour radio interview from July 3, 2012. ◇For diametric contrast, see Radiation from Fukushima probably will kill 130 people

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Nuclear Power: Powerful Groups Skew debate and Cover Up True Extent of Health Risks via The South African Civil Society Information Service

s the row over nuclear power grows, Sadie Robinson spoke to scientist and activist Dr Helen Caldicott about the dangers of nuclear power, the powerful interests that back it and how we can win a better world. The environmentalist George Monbiot … Continue reading

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Hanford rally will challenge cleanup work, call for more funding and transparency via Oregon live.com

Members of Occupy Portland and others will take part April 15 in a rally to raise awareness about the cleanup work at the former Hanford nuclear weapons complex in eastern Washington. The rally begins at noon at John Dam Plaza … Continue reading

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[video]Occupy Wall Street Protest – Dr. Helen Caldicott Speaks Out! via Nuclear FREE planet.org

Occupy Wall Street Speaker, Dr. Helen Caldicott, October 2, 2011 passionately addresses the protesters, at Zicotti Park aka Liberty Plaza. Helen Caldicott speaks out about government irresponsibility and the dangers of nuclear power! Because microphone amplification is illegal in the … Continue reading

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Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukushima (日本語字幕)

Dr. Helen Caldicott says that Fukushima’s case is many times worse than that of Chernobyl. オーストラリアの小児科医・医学博士ヘレン・カルディコットさんのカナダでの講演 小児科医として長らく原発問題と取り組んできた人。 WHO,IAEAはチェルノブイリの被害を長年隠し続け、過小評価してきた。そのチェルノブイリと比較しても福島の現実は比較にならないほどひどいものだと指摘。カナダでの原発問題を抱える市民に語る、チェルノブイリ・福島・そしてカナダの原発問題。 字幕作成のもとのビデオはこちらhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMXvpWoHzeE&feature=channel_video_­title 取材したのはGRTV (Global Research TV) http://tv.globalresearch.ca/

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