Nuclear regulators extend Seabrook plant’s license to 2050 via Boston Globe

By David Abel and Danny McDonald GLOBE STAFF  MARCH 06, 2019

After years of negotiations and vocal opposition, the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire will have its license to operate extended until 2050, officials at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Tuesday.

The agency’s decision comes despite recent petitions filed by opponents to delay the extension.


The plant’s initial license was set to expire in 2030.


Seabrook is one of only three nuclear power plants remaining in New England. Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth is scheduled to close by this June.

A few weeks ago, a group from Newburyport filed an emergency petition with the commission that sought immediate action “to ensure that the NRC will uphold its duty to protect the public,” said Natalie Hildt Treat, executive director of the C-10 Research & Education Foundation, which for years has been monitoring radiation from the plant.

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