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Nuclear Reactor Wastewater Will End Up In Your Drinking Water via NWA

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – – Fayetteville City Council on Wednesday approved dumping wastewater from the site of a former nuclear reactor into the city’s sewer system. 

The water will eventually flow into Beaver Lake, our area’s main source for drinking water.

 One city council member thinks it’s a bad idea, but others claim it’s perfectly safe.

 “We are actually dumping our sewage, what’s left of it into our drinking what source,” said Fayetteville City Council member John La Tour.


 “If you actually tested ground water going into anybody’s basements you’d probably see the same levels of this hydrogen tritium that they are talking about, it’s very low almost non-detect, so I don’t think there’s any worry,” Nyander said.

So if the water is considered safe, what’s the problem?

 La Tour at his age of 61 said he’s realized experts aren’t always right, and questioned why the city would risk it when they could send the waste water to a hazardous waste facility in Little Rock.

Officials said it’s preferred to do it through a municipal water plant, rather than take up space at a hazardous waste facility, because they need to save room for actual hazardous waste.

Read more at Nuclear Reactor Wastewater Will End Up In Your Drinking Water

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  1. bandar qq says

    sometimes nuclear reactor is a bad thing for human mankind

  2. folding gate says

    nuclear reactors are very dangerous for human survival

  3. harga folding gate says

    The Chernobyl disaster was It is considered the worst nuclear disaster in history

  4. lantai marmer says

    nuclear is disaster

  5. elon says

    The explosion that occurred at the Chernobyl electric power plant on April 26, 1986 became a nuclear disaster in recorded history. This explosion caused nuclear radiation, which resulted in hundreds of deaths and caused great loss to the Soviets

  6. jid says

    Nuclear radiation almost certainly causes other cancer deaths as well, although the numbers are extraordinary.

  7. Moba Mugen says

    very dangerous for human

  8. Teknologi says

    Nuclear reactors are very dangerous for human survival, although on the other hand there are also benefits…

  9. Gapmod says

    Beware, nuclear radiation will almost certainly cause death from other cancers as well

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  11. Adadroid says

    Very dangerous, beware

  12. Tambahkan pengingat says

    it’s very dangerous for human…

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    very dangerous

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    very dangerous for human

  15. robiii pugg says

    wow wait for the futures

  16. erddruckregelu says

    Wow is sooo scary…….

  17. Rick says

    Very dangerous for this planet………


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  19. Shincanist Litiuma says

    Scary Scary delicious……

  20. Save Place says

    I hope my country will be save…..

  21. Sinichi says

    End of this world

  22. ComeOnMan says

    Ohhh no……

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  24. JoeRoganFans says

    I will pretend was not knew this fact…

  25. Nikimura Satoshi says

    Nuclear radiation almost certainly causes other cancer deaths as well

  26. Richard Nichy says

    Nuclear radiation is the most dangerous disaster…

  27. Yoloo says

    Ohh come on…..
    can u imagine what will happens after World War II

    Soooo scary….

  28. Hinduism says

    WWI III is The END of this world dude……….

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  30. buletin303 says

    water is considered safe?

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