Nuclear Reactor Wastewater Will End Up In Your Drinking Water via NWA

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – – Fayetteville City Council on Wednesday approved dumping wastewater from the site of a former nuclear reactor into the city’s sewer system. 

The water will eventually flow into Beaver Lake, our area’s main source for drinking water.

 One city council member thinks it’s a bad idea, but others claim it’s perfectly safe.

 “We are actually dumping our sewage, what’s left of it into our drinking what source,” said Fayetteville City Council member John La Tour.


 “If you actually tested ground water going into anybody’s basements you’d probably see the same levels of this hydrogen tritium that they are talking about, it’s very low almost non-detect, so I don’t think there’s any worry,” Nyander said.

So if the water is considered safe, what’s the problem?

 La Tour at his age of 61 said he’s realized experts aren’t always right, and questioned why the city would risk it when they could send the waste water to a hazardous waste facility in Little Rock.

Officials said it’s preferred to do it through a municipal water plant, rather than take up space at a hazardous waste facility, because they need to save room for actual hazardous waste.

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