North America being bathed in radiation from Fukushima… alarming levels now 1,000 times above normal for alpha particles via Natural News

(NaturalNews) Official data reported at the National Conference on Radiation Control shows that the U.S. has been experiencing a huge spike in radiation from Fukushima. Levels are considered to be far exceeding the federal regulatory limit, with nearly 1,000 times the normal amount of alpha particles recorded, including plutonium.(1)

Data analysis of Californian air samples, taken seven weeks after Fukushima began to release radiation in 2011, shows gross alpha activity of 200 femtocuries per cubic meter, which is 790 times the normal levels experienced in the state.

The radiation is not just limited to air pollution, and there are thought to be 110 sites off the American Pacific Coast that have been contaminated by leaks of radiation into water systems.

The dangers of alpha radiation

Alpha radiation is thought to be the least dangerous form of radiation when compared with beta and gamma rays – with even simple clothing stopping the alpha particles from reaching the body. However, alpha particles become extremely dangerous when ingested or inhaled. If you’re fortunate and only consume small doses, you may not show any symptoms. However, many people who are exposed suffer radiation sickness including nausea, vomiting, headaches and fatigue.

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