BREAKING [1/11]: Uranium concentrate spill shuts down Highway 4 north of SC via Southwest Booster

RCMP say the vehicle involved in a single-vehicle rollover 10 km north of Swift Current on Highway 4 was a tractor trailer hauling uranium concentrate.

Rural RCMP responded to the call just after 12:30 p.m. and secured the scene, along with members of the Swift Current Fire Department.

A HAZMAT team in en route to the scene.

At this point, there are no residences downwind from the scene of the collision and no evacuations are required.  All farms within a 1.6 km radius of the collision have been advised of the spill and police remain on scene to monitor the situation. No one was hurt in the crash.


Uranium concentrate is classified as a hazardous good. It is toxic and mildly radioactive and should not be ingested or inhaled.  It can be safely handled by using basic protective equipment such as respirators and gloves.”

The Fire Department expects no risk to public health or the environment as a result of the spill.

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