Nuclear deal will only benefit Japanese companies: CPI via

New Delhi, Dec.12 : Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D. Raja on Saturday said Memorandum of Understanding on civil nuclear energy signed between India and Japan will only serve the commercial interest of Japanese companies.
“This nuclear deal is going to serve the commercial interest of Japanese companies because the agreement as it is reported by the media, Japan is going to transfer its nuclear technology but no one can forget what happened in Fukushima. Japanese could not prevent such a nuclear disaster that took place in Fukushima,” D. Raja told ANI here.

“Now, India has entered into an agreement to get their technology for India. And how far it is ethical on the part of Japanese Prime Minister, it is for him to explain. Japanese companies have interest all over the world and now India is just a market for the Japanese companies,” he added.

India and Japan today signed several agreements in the field of high speed Rail, Defence Equipment and Technology Security, Infrastructure, Technology, Education and Economy. The two countries also inked Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, on civil nuclear energy.


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