Prince William in Japan: controversial visit to Fukushima during visit via Telegraph

Accusations from victims of 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster that Duke, who will eat and drink local produce, being used as a stooge by Japan’s prime minister to promote his pro-nuclear policies.
The Duke will visit the Fukushima prefecture on Saturday, where he will eat local produce and go to a children’s playground to promote the message that the region is recovering from the meltdown four years ago.
He will be escorted by Japanese premier Shinzo Abe, who is committed to restarting all of the nuclear power plants that were mothballed in the wake of the disaster.
However the two men will drive straight past a village where some of the 80,000 people driven out of their homes in the exclusion zone around the power plant are still living as refugees.
Tokuo Hayakawa, a Buddhist priest from the town of Naraha, two miles from the Fukushima plant, told The Times: “I think Abe is using him. It’s true that you can find children playing outside, and you can eat some Fukushima food.
“But to take that as the overall reality here is totally wrong. If I could, I would take him to these abandoned ghost towns, and to the temporary houses where people still live, so he could see the reality that we are facing.”

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