Sellafield not the place to store waste from submarines via in-cumbria

Sellafield should not be selected by the Ministry of Defence to store radioactive waste from dismantled nuclear submarines.

That’s the view of Copeland Council, which has formally objected to the nuclear site being chosen to store intermediate-level waste from 27 soon-to-be dismantled Royal Navy subs.

Leader Elaine Woodburn, with the backing of the council’s Strategic Nuclear and Energy Board, says that it “would not be in the best interests of the local community” if Sellafield is chosen by the MoD.


She added: “The proposed project offers little community benefit in the way of providing a need for specialising skills and creates very few jobs. The MoD has stated that it will not be offering any financial community benefit.”

The radioactive waste from the subs will be stored at either Sellafield, Chapelcross (Annan), Aldermaston, Burghfield (Berkshire), or Capenhurst (Cheshire).

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