Nuclear Waste Dump Troubling Residents Of Armstrong Co. Town via CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — What may be the most dangerous nuclear waste dump in the nation sits just 40 miles north of Pittsburgh, in Armstrong County.

As the government plans to excavate that waste, people who live nearby are nervous.


Ameno grew up in Apollo, Pennsylvania, a stone’s throw from the NUMEC nuclear materials plant and the waste it stored in 55 gallons drums.

They left her with this:

“Two brain tumors,” she said. “I still have one, uterine cancer.”

Today, Ameno is a survivor and an activist — who like the residents who recently voiced their concerns at a meeting — continue to ask questions about the nuclear waste NUMEC and its successor buried down the road in shallow trenches at a 144-acre site in Parks Township.

“What’s in there?” asked one resident. “Do you guys really know what’s in there?”


A recent investigation by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission confirms that NUMEC and its successors accepted un-inventoried waste from other parts of the country, and says NUMEC developed complex fuels for secret defense contracts known as “black projects.”

“Well, here’s a good example right here: Project Pluto,” said Ameno.

Project Pluto was a missile that would carry nuclear warheads and circle the earth continually. Ameno — who’s collected tens of thousands of documents on the site — says more than 700 barrels of special fuel was developed for Project Pluto, some was recycled and the rest was buried at Parks Township after the project was scrapped.

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