Austria to launch legal challenge if EU approves British nuclear plan via The Telegraph

Austria’s environment minister blasts Britain’s £16bn Hinkley Point plan as “a scandal”

Austria will launch a legal challenge if the European Commission approves Britain’s plan to build its first new nuclear plant in a generation, Vienna’s environment minister has warned.

The £16bn Hinkley Point project is on the verge of getting the green light after a spokesman for EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said on Monday that Brussels will “propose . . . to take a positive decision in this case”.

However, Andra Rupprechter, Austria’s minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, on Wednesday voiced his anger at the decision.

“This scandal has to be fought by all legal means possible,” he told the Kurier newspaper, adding that he would apply to the European Court of Justice to have the decision annulled.

Austrian Green MEP Michel Reimon said Mr Almunia had shown “genuflection to the nuclear lobby”.

“It is incredible that Commissioner Almunia will make an exception for the nuclear industry by simply waving [through] this illegal aid,” he added.

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