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“Level 8” Nuclear Disaster Campaign Launched via Fukushima Response

Urgent Demand for International Response to Ongoing Nuclear Reactor
Meltdowns in Fukushima Kicks Off at NYC Climate March

The “Level 8” Nuclear Disaster campaign is focused on mobilizing governments and organizations in every country
to demand modification of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s current 7-level scale that indicates the severity
of nuclear accidents. This newly proposed “Level 8” would firmly classify the gravity of the situation in Fukushima
as a crisis calling for an unprecedented, internationally coordinated response of resources and aid in answer to a
global nuclear emergency.
John Bertucci, press contact for, said, “Everyone on earth ought to agree on one thing:
There should be a full on international response to any nuclear accident that rises above a certain level or category,
and threatens the environment of the entire planet.” The present lack of informed public understanding and official
urgency is an epic failure to respond, with dire consequences for future generations.
WHAT: Official kickoff of campaign to declare Fukushima a new “Level 8” nuclear disaster, requiring international
assistance and monitoring—online petitions can be signed at,, and Draft resolutions
for organizations and various levels of government (city, state, and national) can be found at both and

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