Radio 4 report on nuclear power (Friends of the Earth Press Release)

In response to a news report on the Today programme on 10th September 2014 that stated that Friends of the Earth had changed its position on nuclear power, Executive Director Andy Atkins said:

“Friends of the Earth has not changed its position on nuclear power. We remain firmly opposed to it and continue to strongly promote a transition to an energy system based on energy efficiency and our abundant resource of renewable energy, which is getting cheaper to exploit by the day.

“We have always been an evidence-based organisation and we commission independent reports to ensure our policy positions are robust, and we will continue to do so in the future.

“Our review showed that the non-nuclear energy pathway we support is credible and therefore we have not changed our position of opposing new nuclear plants.”


Notes to editors

1. Friends of the Earth’s briefing ‘Why Friends of the Earth opposes plans for new nuclear reactors’ is available by clicking here.

2. Friends of the Earth’s Head of Policy, Research and Science, Mike Childs blogged about the review of evidence carried out last year and the conclusion that Friends of the Earth remains opposed to nuclear, here.

For press release site, see here.
For Guardian’s reporting, see here and here.

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