【event】Invitation to an Earth Day Media Event via Defenders of the Black Hills

You are cordially invited to attend an Earth Day Media Event to announce the opening of a Campaign for the Clean Up of all the Abandoned Uranium Mines in the United States.

More than 10,000 abandoned uranium mines (AUMs) are located in the United States, primarily in the Western States, and more than 10 million people live within a 50 mile radius of an abandoned uranium mine.

South Dakota has at least 272 abandoned open-pit uranium mines. There are 169 AUMs located in the southwestern Black Hills and 103 in the northwest corner near Buffalo, SD.

The Northern Great Plains Region of Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota contains more than 2,000 plus AUMs. The health effects are tremendous.

Defenders of the Black Hills is hosting a site visit for representatives from a number of organizations: Popular Resistance, Indigenous Action, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and Veterans for Peace. The Cheyenne River is greatly impacted by AUM’s as are the people of Red Shirt Village, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Signs will be placed near the bridge warning of this radioactive river.

The Event will take place near the Cheyenne River bridge on SD Highway 40 which is 15 miles southeast of Hermosa, SD, beginning at 10:00 AM, Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

Plan on arriving at 9:30 and bring your own chairs. A potluck Lunch will follow the event weather permitting. Salads and desserts are needed. Sandwich makings, chips, and water will be provided by Defenders of the Black Hills.

For more information contact Charmaine White Face, Coordinator, at bhdefenders@msn.com.

“”The radiation levels in parts I visited with my students were higher than those in the evacuated zones around the Fukushima Nuclear disaster….” Nuclear Physics Professor Kimberly Kearfott, University of Michigan, in comparing the readings obtained in northwestern South Dakota at the Cave Hills open-pit, abandoned uranium mines.

Read more and watch video.

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