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Knesset Panel: Education Ministry acting to reduce radiation in schools via The Jerusalem Post

The Education Ministry has instructed all schools to perform radiation tests in accordance with the Environmental Protection Ministry said Noam Koriat, director of the Organization, Development and Knowledge Management Department at the Education Ministry on Wednesday.

He made these remarks at a Knesset Education Committee meeting convened to discuss the issue of radiation in schools following complaints by parents and parent organizations.

According to Koriat pre-schools and kindergartens have banned the use of wireless networks and in second and third grade classes use of the internet is restricted to one hour per day. Furthermore, in classes where teachers use computers as part of their lessons, a direct cable connection is encouraged as opposed to a wireless connection.
Parents who participated in the discussion complained that they believe their children are exposed to radiation on a daily basis from wireless computer networks in school, electricity, cellular antennas. The explained that their children suffer from frequent headaches, tingling feelings in the body, and skin rashes. They argued that these symptoms fade when their children are on vacation.

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