Morning Report: The Major Outage at San Onofre via Voice of San Diego

We’ve become pretty used to the existence of the San Onofre nuclear power plant up near the Orange County border, and now we’re becoming used to it just sitting there not doing anything. Since January, the plant has been shut down.

What went wrong? And will the plant ever reopen? Our environmental reporter Rob Davis tells the dramatic story of the leak that closed San Onofre, the plant’s long history of safety warnings, and the disastrous problems that led to January’s ongoing trouble.

Now we wait: For the nuclear power plant managers to figure out if they can restore the plant to service, for the late-summer heat to flare up and test an electricity-starved Southern California power system, and for nuclear power critics to see if they can produce enough public outcry to shutter San Onofre for good.

Fact Check: Congressman’s Abortion Claim

Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, who represents much of East County, is a Republican opponent of abortion. In a survey sent to residents last week, he wrote this: “The President’s health care law requires taxpayer funding for abortion and abortion-related services. Do you agree or disagree that Americans should be forced into this type of coverage?”

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