Fukushima climbers left hanging over N-fears via Daily Yomiuri

UKUSHIMA–Despite the arrival of mountain-climbing season, many mountains in Fukushima Prefecture remain closed due to high radiation levels, causing frustration to local governments and affected businesses.

While people will be allowed to climb mountains with relatively low radiation levels, local governments and climbing associations are taking such measures as posting radiation data to ease climbers’ concerns.

In a normal year, about 400 people would climb Mt. Onigajo in Iwaki in the prefecture on the first day of the climbing season.

However, the outbreak of the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant has put an end to this popular hike.

In April, employees of Iwaki-no-sato Onigajo, a hotel at the foot of the mountain, decontaminated the entrance to the hiking path by spraying it with high-pressure water.

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