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「右から考える反原発デモ」に登場した西村修平 ‐それに対する驚きと反応 via togetter


続きは 「右から考える反原発デモ」に登場した西村修平 ‐それに対する驚きと反応

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  1. Situs Judi Mpo says

    Robby and a friend want to play Badminton without PINGU, which makes him very unhappy. When their shuttlecock lands on an ice floe, PINGU fetches it, and in return wants the whole basket of fish they have. So his two friends decide to play a trick on PINGU and put a crab in the basket before they give it to him. When the crab emerges PINGU is so startled that he falls and hurts himself, seeing this the two friends feel sorry for him and share the game and the fish.

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