Angry Parents in Japan Confront Government Over Radiation Levels via The New York Times

FUKUSHIMA CITY, Japan — The accusations flew on Wednesday at the local school board meeting, packed with parents worried and angry about radiation levels in this city at the heart of Japan’s nuclear crisis.A protester joined a human chain around the Education Ministry in Tokyo on Monday, demanding that they protect children from radioactive contamination in Fukushima Prefecture.

EnFamilies listened to local education board members explain radiation-reducing measures for the city’s schools at Watari Elementary School in Fukushima City.

“Do you really care about our children’s health?” one parent shouted. “Why have you acted so late?” said another. Among other concerns: isn’t radiation still raining down on Fukushima? Shouldn’t the entire school building be decontaminated? The entire city? Can we trust you?

“We are doing all we can,” pleaded Tomio Watanabe, a senior official of Fukushima’s education board.


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