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NUCLEAR FIRE SPECIAL: Woolsey Fire’s Nuke Origins via Nuclear Hotseat

Listen Here: Audio Player   Podcast: Download NUCLEAR FIRE – WOOLSEY’S NUKE ORIGINS SPECIAL: Denise Duffield, Administrator of Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles, Director of its Nuclear Threats program, and leader of PSR-LA’s efforts to ensure a proper cleanup of the Santa Susana … Continue reading

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Nuclear Hotseat 7th Anniversary! + Prof. Heidi Hutner’s film ACCIDENTS CAN HAPPEN: Voices of Women from Three Mile Island via Nuclear Hotseat

CLICK HERE for Episode #365 This Week’s Featured Interview: Dr. Heidi Hutner is a professor of Sustainability and English at Stony Brook University, and a scholar of nuclear and environmental history, and ecofeminism.  We get heads-up information on her two most … Continue reading

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​Plagued by disease, ridiculed for their explanation: A TMI ‘survivors’ group is growing via York Daily Record

They’re battling health issues and grieving lost loved ones — and they are confident that there’s an explanation for their suffering. Nearly 4,000 people now call themselves “Three Mile Island Survivors” in a private Facebook group. The group, started in Nov. 2016, believes … Continue reading

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Extension sought for storing Three Mile Island debris via Goskagit.com

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Federal officials requested a 20-year extension involving the storage in Idaho of reactor core debris from the partial meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. The U.S. Department of Energy in a document made … Continue reading

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Three Mile Island Nuke Plant Closure Strengthens Call for Renewable Energy Future via Eco Watch (Reader Supported News)

By Harvey Wasserman That future is rising in Buffalo, and comes in the form of Tesla’s massive job-producing solar shingle factory which will create hundreds of jobs and operate for decades to come. Three Mile Island, by contrast, joins a … Continue reading

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Infamous Three Mile Island Is Latest Casualty of Shale Boom via Bloomberg

ompetition from cheap natural gas has claimed another U.S. nuclear power plant in a state that has balked at government aid for financially ailing reactors. Exelon Corp.’s Three Mile Island reactor near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, site of the worst commercial nuclear accident … Continue reading

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Fukushima Impossible to Decontaminate, Chernobyl, TMI w/ A Gundersen (Video) via The Daily Coin

An opportunity to learn more about three of the most disastrous nuclear accidents and their global impact: Three Mile Island (March 1979), Chernobyl (April 1986) and Fukushima (March 2011). These dates mark the beginning of catastrophic events that will impact … Continue reading

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Has the Chernobyl disaster affected the number of nuclear plants built? via The Guardian

[…] The disaster is thought to have caused thousands of cancer cases. It was the only event classed as a “major accident” by the International Atomic Energy Agency until the 2011 meltdowns in Fukushima, Japan. The data demonstrates its impact: … Continue reading

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Fukushima Five Years After: Health Researchers Turn Blind Eye to Casualties via CounterPunch

By Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman […] Public health leaders have addressed the topic with ignorance and deception. A search of the medical literature shows only two studies in Japan that review actual changes in disease and death rates. One … Continue reading

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Remembering Rocketdyne – Discussing America’s Worst Nuclear Meltdown (Not Three Mile Island) With Erin Brockovich via EnviroNews

(EnviroNews California) – The infamous accident at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island power facility is typically the first meltdown that comes to mind when people think about nuclear disasters in America. While CNN has reported that it was the worst nuclear … Continue reading

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