Fukushima Thyroid Examination January 2021: 202 Surgically Confirmed as Thyroid Cancer Among 252 Cytology Suspected Cases via Fukushima Voice Version 2e

After a 4½-month hiatus, the 40th session of the Oversight Committee was held on January 15, 2021, releasing new data (as of June 30, 2020) from the fourth and fifth rounds of the Thyroid Ultrasound Examination (TUE). The pandemic restrictions have essentially stalled the school-based screening for the fifth round, and the only cancer data updated was that of the fourth round.   HighlightsThe fourth round: 6 new cases diagnosed as suspicious or malignant, and 3 new surgical cases. Total number of suspected/confirmed thyroid cancer has increased by 6 to 252: 116 in the first round (including a single case of benign tumor), 71 in the second round, 31 in the third round, 27 in the fourth round, and 7 in Age 25 Milestone Screening.Total number of surgically confirmed thyroid cancer cases has increased by 4 to 202 (101 in the first round, 54 in the second round, 27 in the third round, 16 in the fourth round, and 4 in Age 25 Milestone Screening)

  • Data reported is as of June 30, 2020. (Delayed reporting persists after the fourth quarterly session was skipped in 2019 and now also in 2020.)
  • A list of official English translation of the TUE results is available on the website for the Radiation Medical Science Center of the Fukushima Health Management Survey. No translation is available for the 2020 sessions at this time.

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