Macron says nuclear will remain key energy source for France via France24

Nuclear power will remain a key part of France’s energy supplies, President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday in a show of support for the industry even as he looks to reduce nuclear’s dominance as a power source.

France has said it will cut its reliance on nuclear energy to 50% from 75% by 2035 and has yet to make a final decision on whether to build next-generation EPR nuclear reactors.

That is due by 2023, by which time state-controlled utility EDF‘s Flamanville 3 EPR project should be up and running, but Macron said he wanted to make a big push on preparations by next year.


Macron nonetheless signalled broad support for the industry, even as he flagged the need to move more towards renewable energy. He said France’s next-generation aircraft carrier would be nuclear-powered.


“The nuclear industry will remain the cornerstone of our strategic autonomy,” Macron said.

Some environmental campaigners have hit out at this policy, with Greenpeace calling nuclear energy a “false solution” to climate change concerns, saying it entailed costs that could be better spent on cleaner solutions.

France is continental Europe’s only nuclear power.

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