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Greenpeace raises alarm over Flamanville nuclear plant document dump via TRT World

Greenpeace France says it has received thousands of pages of detailed plans of the site, the location of security cameras and descriptions of electronic surveillance, questioning whether the documents are circulating in public.

Greenpeace France has said that it has been given documents detailing the security systems of the EPR nuclear reactor under construction in Flamanville.

It said on Monday it had been given the documents, without asking for them, from a person who had no professional links with the nuclear industry.


‘Possibility of intrusion, sabotage or theft’

“The way we have received these documents proves that detailed information about a nuclear site circulates among the public,” Greenpeace chief Jean-Francois Julliard said. 


EDF said in a statement it did not know which documents Greenpeace had been given and could not comment on how confidential they are.

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