High cancer risk in US naval personnel serving in nuclear powered ships via Cancer Investigation

By Christopher Busby


The USA Defence Threat Reduction Agency provided data in 2014 on the health status, including cancer, of the 4,843 sailors on the nuclear-powered United States Ship (USS) Ronald Reagan over the 2.55-year period from May 12th 2011 to Dec 31st 2013. Also provided were data on a matched control group of 65,269 US Navy personnel. Examination of the control population relative to the US national data gives a Relative Risk for all malignancies of RR =9.2 (95% CI 8.48 < 9.2 < 9.96). The result suggests a significant cancer risk associated with serving on a nuclear-powered ship, one which is not predicted by the science underlying current radiation protection legislation.Keywords: environmental epidemiologyradiationnuclear workerscancerRadiation risk

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