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Supreme Court sets stricter rules on certifying A-bomb illnesses via The Asahi Shimbun

The Supreme Court on Feb. 25 set stricter certification standards concerning atomic-bomb related diseases, thereby rejecting bids by three hibakusha plaintiffs for special monthly allowances and dwindling the hopes of future applicants. The elderly plaintiffs sued the health ministry after … Continue reading

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2020年3月の裁判日程 via Fukushima, Never Forget, Never Repeat, Never Again

Source ※各期日の詳細はリンク先をご覧下さい。 日 曜 時間 裁判所 訴訟名 問合せ 3 火 14:30 京都地裁 大飯原発運転差止請求訴訟⇒期日取消 京都脱原発訴訟原告団 3 火 14:30 東京地裁 東電株主代表訴訟 東電株主代表訴訟 4 水 10:30 東京地裁 福島原発被害東京訴訟(第2陣) 福島原発被害首都圏弁護団 4 水 13:30 福島地裁 子ども脱被ばく裁判 子ども脱被ばく裁判 4 水 14:30 広島地裁 伊方原発運転差止請求訴訟 伊方原発運転差止広島裁判 4 水 … Continue reading

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A nuclear explosive revelation via Morning Star

Britain’s WMD warhead replacement is being undertaken in collaboration with the US behind the back of parliamentary scrutiny, writes DAVID LOWRY DEFENCE Secretary Ben Wallace issued a written statement late on Tuesday afternoon, asserting: “To ensure the government maintains an … Continue reading

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