US conducted nuclear experiment in February via NHK World

A US government laboratory says the country held a subcritical nuclear test in the state of Nevada on February 13.

The Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory made the announcement on Friday.

The test was the first of its kind since December 2017, and the second under the administration of President Donald Trump. It was the 29th in the United States.

The laboratory says the experiment, dubbed “Ediza,” used high explosives to implode plutonium and captured “numerous, detailed scientific measurements.”


The government is modernizing the country’s nuclear arsenal through nuclear tests, and introducing low-yield nuclear weapons.

The latest test was conducted just before the second US-North Korea summit in February, meaning the Trump administration was demanding Pyongyang abolish its nuclear weapons while it was trying to enhance its own.

The revelation is expected to prompt criticism from anti-nuclear groups.


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