Police breaches at nuclear stations ‘like the Simpsons’ via The Scots Man

A POLICE officer disciplined for using eBay has emerged as one of 51 disciplinary breaches across 11 nuclear power stations in Britain.

The incidents all occured in the past three years and were tracked by the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC), the police force that guards the UK’s atomic power plants.

Another officer fell asleep on duty while yet another mishandled a firearm – incidents described by critics as “like something out of The Simpsons”.

The breaches occurred since January 2013 at 11 civil nuclear sites across England, Scotland and Wales, although the data does not reveal the location of each incident.


One of the most serious breaches include a constable who in 2013 for “dangerous handling of firearm”, resulting in them resigning during the investigation.

A total of five members of staff were disciplined for improper care of equipment, and another was given a final written warning for failure in firearms handling.

Worryingly, two constables and a sergeant were also convicted of criminal offences whilst employed by the CNC.

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