Hyogo blocks release of nuke crisis study data via The Japan Times

Hyogo officials are blocking the release of data from a simulation run last year predicting what would happen to surrounding prefectures in the event of a meltdown crisis at one of Fukui Prefecture’s four atomic plants.

Citizens’ groups said Tuesday they were told by Hyogo officials earlier this month that the data would be released before May along with data from a new simulation the prefecture is conducting.

The backtrack on the data release has raised concerns that the prefecture is trying to downplay the possibility of a worst-case scenario for disaster planning purposes.
While Hyogo released the results of what could happen inside the prefecture, it did not make public what might happen in neighboring prefectures. Concerned this would make it more difficult for localities to draw up emergency plans and for a coordinated, Kansai-wide response, anti-nuclear activists and other citizens pressed Hyogo to release the entire study.

Hyogo Prefecture resident Juro Yamamoto filed a freedom of information request in February for the release of all simulation data on Fukui, Kyoto and Shiga prefectures. The request was granted, in writing, by Hyogo Gov. Toshizo Ido’s office on March 7.

However, the information has yet to be made public. Yamamoto called on prefectural officials Tuesday to release it immediately.

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