Gradual growth in US support for nuclear via World Nuclear News

Support for nuclear energy in the USA is gradually approaching pre-Fukushima levels, a new public opinion poll shows. Some 65% of Americans now favour the use of nuclear, compared with 71% before the accident.

A telephone survey of 1000 US citizens was carried out between 14 and 16 September by Bisconti Research in conjunction with GfK Roper on behalf of the Nuclear Energy Institute.

The poll found that 65% of respondents favoured the use of nuclear energy as one of the ways to generate electricity in the USA. This represents a small increase over a similar survey in February 2012 that showed 64% favoured it, while a survey in September 2011 – six months after the Fukushima accident in Japan – indicated 62% of people supported it. A similar survey in February 2011 – a month before the accident – showed that 71% favoured it.

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