Nuclear Dread On Both Sides Of The Pacific via Indybay

Nuclear problems are still growing on both sides of the Pacific, at Fukushima and San Onofre.
For those of an apocalyptic bent, the beginning of the final half of 2012 was near perfect.

True, the walls didn’t all come tumbling down, though those retaining the spent nuclear fuel pool atop Fukushima Unit 4 were bulging.

But the signs seemed to be everywhere, from the eastern shores of Japan to the west coast of California.

The most widely reported such event was the July 1 restart of a Japanese commercial nuclear power reactor at the Ohi nuclear plant.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda pushed for this restart, despite a massive protest in front of his office in Tokyo only days before. Digital Journal reported that 200,000 protested there on June 29

Noda claimed that Japan would suffer an electrical power crisis without the nation’s nuke plants contribution over the summer. And besides, Noda asserted, the nation could no longer afford to buy foreign oil and natural gas to keep the lights on.

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