130 arrested at Thursday’s VY protest via Bratteboro Reformer

BRATTLEBORO — More than 1,000 people converged on the headquarters of Vermont’s only nuclear power plant, to tell its owners to shut it down, the day after its initial 40-year operating license expired.
During Thursday’s six-hour rally and protest, one of the largest ever in Vermont, 130 people were willingly arrested for trespassing, including 16-year-old Jono Schiff of Brattleboro.
Schiff and his parents, Leo Schiff and Joy Hammond, were also arrested for trespassing on land owned by Vermont Yankee, near Old Ferry Road, and both said they couldn’t be more proud.
When asked why they thought it was necessary, Jono explained that he and his family don’t want to live in fear of another radiological disaster, like the one that happened in Fukushima, Japan a year ago.
“We don’t want another Fukushima,” Jono said. “Vermont Yankee shouldn’t be allowed to operate in Vermont.”

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