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Japan Tobacco: Nicotine, Yes; Radioactivity, No via The Wall Street Journal

Japan’s smokers can breathe easy, more or less: whatever else is in their cigarettes, there’s no radiation, according to Japan Tobacco Inc.

It ran tests on samples from all 35 municipalities where this year’s harvest was grown, prior to purchasing the leaves, and the company, known here as JT, said none of the results exceeded its own standard of 500 Bq/kilogram for radioactive cesium-133 and cesium-137 and 2,000 Bq/kg of radioactive iodine. JT adopted the same benchmark as the level set by the Food Sanitation Law for vegetables in the absence of comparable provisions established for leaf tobacco.

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  1. norma field says

    No standards to differentiate between eating vegetables and inhaling tobacco cigarette smoke? The nuclear age needs to catch up!

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