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Charles Varnadore, Whistle-Blower at Lab, Dies at 71 via The New York Times

After Charles D. Varnadore complained about safety at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, where he worked as a technician, his bosses moved him to an office containing radioactive waste. When an industrial hygienist recommended that either he or … Continue reading

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Secret Cold War project results in largest US environmental cleanup via Knoxnews.com

… Most of the processes required the use of mercury, especially Colex (an abbreviation for “column exchange”), which proved to be the most successful. Some of the same big buildings that had been used for uranium enrichment during the Manhattan … Continue reading

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Minimata Then, Fukushima Now via asia sentinel

Lesson from Japan’s 1950s mercury poisoning nightmare Before the Fukushima tsunami and near-nuclear meltdown in March, the greatest environmental disaster in Japan, indeed, one of the greatest in the entire world, was Minamata disease, a neurological affliction caused by severe … Continue reading

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