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Renewing and Reframing Hiroshima via Asia-Pacific Journal Japan Focus

Jeff Kingston I first visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in 1981 on my initial trip to Japan. The displays at the museum have been renovated twice since, for the 1995 fiftieth anniversary of the atomic bomb, and most recently … Continue reading

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“Why North Korea Needs Nuclear Weapons” 翻訳『なぜ北朝鮮は核兵器を必要とするのか』(文:スティーブン・ゴーワンズ、翻訳:マサキチトセ)

3度目となる北朝鮮の今回の核実験は、歓迎されるべきか、嘆かれるべきか、あるいは非難されるべきだろうか。それは、あなたの視点次第だ。他国の支配や介入を受けることのない内政を可能とするべきだと信じるのであれば、そして、その権利を、米国と米国に追従するソウルの政府が南の朝鮮人から奪っており、北の朝鮮人のそれも奪おうと企んでいると信じ、更に、米軍の征服を阻止するために核兵器を建造することが北の朝鮮人が自国の統治権を維持する最も有効な方法だと信じるのであれば、今回の核実験は歓迎されるべきものであろう。 つづきは「翻訳『なぜ北朝鮮は核兵器を必要とするのか』(文:スティーブン・ゴーワンズ、翻訳:マサキチトセ)」から Is North Korea’s recent nuclear test, its third, to be welcomed, lamented or condemned? It depends on your perspective. If you believe that a people should be able to organize their affairs free from foreign domination and interference; … Continue reading

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Minimata Then, Fukushima Now via asia sentinel

Lesson from Japan’s 1950s mercury poisoning nightmare Before the Fukushima tsunami and near-nuclear meltdown in March, the greatest environmental disaster in Japan, indeed, one of the greatest in the entire world, was Minamata disease, a neurological affliction caused by severe … Continue reading

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“Israel and Fukushima” on Japan – Fissures in the Planetary

For some time since March 11, I have been unable to do anything, distracted by the fluctuating situations at the Fukushima Nuclear plant and the news from the disaster-stricken area. I have almost abandoned much of my cherished daily routine … Continue reading

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“When it comes to mighty Tepco, pride goes before the fall” via the Japan Times Online

Until quite recently, landing a job at Tokyo Electric Power Co., Japan’s largest and most powerful electric utility, meant a lifetime of steady employment and generous paychecks, a status envied and often likened to that of a civil servant. But … Continue reading

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“Realistic safety debate not nuke sector, regulator forte” via the Japan Times Online

Nearly 10 years after Tokyo Electric Power Co. first assured the government the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant was safe from any tsunami, regulators were just getting around to checking out the claim. The move was too little, too … Continue reading

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“From ashes to honey: turning away from nuclear energy” on OurWorld 2.0

Japan is in “a complicated relationship” with nuclear energy. One the one hand, the nation has the darkest of pasts in relation to nuclear power, as it is the only country that was ever the victim of nuclear weapons. On … Continue reading

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