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Cold-war spy pictures reveal a Soviet nuclear ‘cloud generator’ via Nature

The operation of a notorious Soviet plutonium-making facility decades ago caused ecological devastation in the Southern Urals1. See the image in Nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02756-4 Read the article at A Nuclear Generator of Clouds: Accidents and Radioactive Contamination Identified on Declassified Satellite … Continue reading

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Prolonged exposure to low-dose radiation may increase the risk of hypertension, a known cause of heart disease and stroke via Hypertension Journal Report

May 03, 2019 Categories: Heart News, Stroke News Study Highlights: A long-term study of Russian nuclear plant workers suggests that prolonged low-dose radiation exposure increases the risk of hypertension. This study is the first to associate an increased risk of hypertension to low … Continue reading

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Russian nuclear plant says it emits nuclear isotope via ABC News

A senior executive at the Russian nuclear processing plant suspected of being behind a spike of radioactivity over Europe this fall admitted Wednesday that the isotope recorded does emerge as part of the plant’s production cycle but said its levels … Continue reading

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Russia blames radioactive cloud on falling satellite, denies nuclear plant leak via euronews

Russia has denied that a spike in radioactive levels across Europe was due to a nuclear facility leak, saying the increase was instead caused by a satellite that burned as it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere.   Greenpeace Russia had alleged that a … Continue reading

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Here’s What You Need to Know About That Mysterious Radiation Cloud Over Europe via Science Alert

After weeks of silence and denials, Russia has confirmed that it too has detected evidence of a mysterious radiation cloud floating above much of Europe, observing a dramatic radiation spike above Russia’s Ural Mountains. The acknowledgement comes after a number … Continue reading

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“…People have become a sort of radioactive waste.” via Greenpeace

Jan Haverkamp Those words were spoken to me by the Russian human rights lawyer, Nadezhda Kutepova. For years she, with her NGO, Planet of Hopes, defended people who suffer in one of the most radioactively polluted places on this planet: … Continue reading

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5 Nuclear Meltdowns You Were Never Told About via Dark5

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‘The graveyard of the Earth’: inside City 40, Russia’s deadly nuclear secret via The Guardian

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcQPv-nfoZI Deep in the vast forests of Russia’s Ural mountains lies the forbidden city of Ozersk. Behind guarded gates and barbed wire fences stands a beautiful enigma – a hypnotic place that seems to exist in a different dimension. Codenamed … Continue reading

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Russia’s nuclear nightmare flows down radioactive river via AP

MUSLYUMOVO, Russia (AP) — At first glance, Gilani Dambaev looks like a healthy 60-year-old man and the river flowing past his rural family home appears pristine. But Dambaev is riddled with diseases that his doctors link to a lifetime’s exposure … Continue reading

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Axpo Board Decides To Halt Russian Uranium For Beznau via NucNet

31 Jan (NucNet): The board of directors of the Swiss company Axpo Holding AG, owner of the two-unit Beznau nuclear station has decided to discontinue uranium deliveries for the production of fuel elements from the Russian production association Mayak, Axpo … Continue reading

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