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The “brigands” regroup in Basilicata via Beyond Nuclear International

18 years after they stopped a radioactive waste dump coming to their region, locals find their land targeted once again By Linda Pentz Gunter The brigand songs hadn’t started yet, although there were faint early flickers and crackles coming from … Continue reading

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Safety of food from Fukushima emphasized at Milan expo via JapanToday

MILAN — A campaign has begun at the Japan Pavilion of the food-themed world expo in Italy to demonstrate to visitors that food from Fukushima Prefecture is safe despite a nuclear disaster there in 2011. During the four-day campaign through … Continue reading

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US Nuclear Weapons Base In Italy Eyed By Alleged Terrorists via FAS

Two suspected terrorists arrested by the Italian police allegedly were planning an attack against the nuclear weapons base at Ghedi. The base stores 20 US B61 nuclear bombs earmarked for delivery by Italian PA-200 Tornado fighter-bombers in war. Nuclear security … Continue reading

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Last 24 hours have ‘killed’ French nuclear – analyst via Reuters

MILAN/PARIS, Dec 4 (Reuters) – French power group EDF received a new blow on Tuesday when Italy’s biggest utility Enel announced its has pulled out from a project to build a next-generation nuclear reactor in northern France. The French state-owned … Continue reading

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Nuclear power turns to developing world as west recoils from Fukushima via The Guardian

As the mood in Japan, Germany, Italy and even France hardens, China is restarting a £170bn reactor programme and India is looking to atomic power to shore up its creaking grid A nuclear fuel pellet the size of your little … Continue reading

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A Versailles, les militants attendent en vain le convoi nucléaire via coursematin.com

Des militants anti-nucléaires ont attendu en vain mercredi matin en gare de Versailles le convoi de matières nucléaires italiens destinées à l’usine de traitement de La Hague (Manche), dont ils ont perdu la trace après son passage dans l’Yonne. Selon … Continue reading

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Disaster-affected kids arrive in Italy, Hawaii via The Japan Times online

Dozens of Japanese children affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster and subsequent nuclear crisis will be spending their summer abroad this year, ranging from home-stays in Italy to educational programs in Hawaii, thanks to a global outpouring … Continue reading

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