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Fury as EU moves ahead with plans to label gas and nuclear as ‘green’ via The Guardian

Brussels faces backlash and charges of greenwashing after publishing draft proposals on New Year’s Eve The European Commission is facing a furious backlash over plans to allow gas and nuclear to be labelled as “green” investments, as Germany’s economy minister led the … Continue reading

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How Green Is Nuclear Energy via BBC Learning English

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EXCLUSIVE German parties agree on 2030 coal phase-out in coalition talks -sources via Reuters

By Marcus Wacket BERLIN, Nov 23 (Reuters) – Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD), Greens and Free Democrats, who are negotiating to form a new government, have agreed to commit to a coal phase-out by 2030 in a coalition deal, sources involved … Continue reading

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Hidden agenda: The unspoken argument for more nuclear power via Beyond Nuclear International

By Linda Pentz Gunter So here we are again at another COP (Conference of the Parties). Well, some of us are in Glasgow, Scotland at the COP itself, and some of us, this writer included, are sitting at a distance, … Continue reading

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Letters to the Editor: Nuclear power poses unacceptable risks. It’s not a climate change solution via Los Angeles Times

To the editor: Jonah Goldberg’s column, “If Biden is serious about the climate crisis, he should put nuclear on the table,” is misleading.  The myth of “newer, safer, less expensive” nuclear power has promised for decades to deliver a magical climate … Continue reading

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Things fall apart via The Ecologist

Paul Dorfman The UK nuclear military complex is on the front-line of climate breakdown – and not in a good way. […] Because all UK nuclear military installations began operation well before global heating was considered in design or construction, near-term climate change … Continue reading

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Do France’s plans for small nuclear reactors have hidden agenda? via DW

Although France plans to invest in small modular nuclear reactors, experts doubt that this is ecologically and economically sensible. Yet it may be more about geopolitical strategy than energy. In the wake of the disaster at nuclear power plant Fukushima … Continue reading

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Greg Jaczko: Funding Nuclear Energy Is A WASTE Of Government Resources, The Industry Is DYING via The Hill

Former Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Greg Jaczko, explains why U.S. nuclear programs are not up to par in fighting climate change. Site

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Scotland’s nuclear military bases at ‘very great’ risk of flooding due to climate change, report finds via The Scotsman

By Ilona Amos Findings suggest the Royal Navy’s Faslane base on the Clyde may have to be closed down due to the high risk of inundation in coming years and the dangers that could present. The Trident missile store at Coulport, … Continue reading

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Build Back Better Act: Climate Salvation? Or Trojan Horse? via NIRS, Beyond Nuclear, Indigenous Environmental Network, NEIS

Devils in the details reveal massive spending on “false climate solutions,”safe energy advocates reveal WASHINGTON, D.C.:  Close inspection of the mark-up language being proposed in parts of the “Build Back Better” Reconciliation package have uncovered large hidden subsidies and loopholes … Continue reading

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