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Ukrainians took to the streets to avert a nuclear disaster. Will Americans do the same? via Waging Nonviolence

By Paul Gunter and Linda Pentz Gunter On March 2, a striking news clip found its way onto the internet. It showed nuclear power plant workers and ordinary citizens blockading the access road to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine. […] … Continue reading

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Yamamoto Taro: New Prospects for Progressive Politics in Japan via Foreign Policy in Focus

[…] One of the most impressive of this new generation, who is currently touring Tokyo to give speeches in the lead-up to the July 21 elections, is the charismatic and committed Yamamoto Taro. A long-time critic of the government’s denial … Continue reading

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How Fukushima Nukes Kill Our Climate, Our Planet, Ourselves via Reader Supported News

Harvey Wasserman […\] Here are some inconvenient truths:  About 450 reactors now spew huge quantities of waste heat that kill our global weather patterns. All daily emit carbon and more during “normal” operations and the mining, milling, and enrichment of radioactive … Continue reading

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Holding onto optimism in the pursuit of peace via Beyond Nuclear International

“When we squabble over trivialities, we are nothing more than useful idiots to the power elites.” By Peter Weish This is Peter Weish’s acceptance speech on receiving the 2018 Nuclear-Free Future Award in the category of Lifetime Achievement, on October … Continue reading

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‘Anti-nuclear plant newspaper’ reflects on efforts to warn society on its 40th anniversary via The Mainichi

TOKYO — The editor of the “Han Genpatsu Shimbun” (“Anti-Nuclear Power Plant Newspaper”), which marked its 40th anniversary in May, recalls that the paper promoted exchanges between those involved in the anti-nuclear power movement in a bid to warn society. … Continue reading

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Peace activists plan anti-nuclear protests in Massachusetts via The Seattle Times

BEDFORD, Mass. (AP) — Peace activists are planning nonviolent actions to protest what they call nuclear escalation. Massachusetts Peace Action says participants in Sunday’s demonstration will stand frozen for two minutes on Battle Green in Lexington. They’ll then walk about … Continue reading

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Proponent of nuclear energy phase-out Hitoshi Yoshioka dies at 64 via The Mainichi

[…] A Kyushu University professor specializing in the history and sociology of science, Yoshioka completed his graduate studies at the University of Tokyo. He worked on scientific verification of nuclear energy policy while holding positions as associate professor at Wakayama … Continue reading

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A decade after Niigata’s nuclear close call via The Japan Times

Jeff Kingston On July 16, 2007, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake rattled the world’s largest nuclear power complex at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa in Niigata Prefecture. This was on a site that the government and Tokyo Electric Power Co. had insisted was seismically safe. … Continue reading

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Shareholders urge utilities to end nuclear power generation via Japan Today

TOKYO Antinuclear shareholders in major Japanese utilities called for an end to nuclear power generation at general shareholders’ meetings on Wednesday, citing safety concerns and a lack of support in local communities. Among the proposals at the meetings of eight … Continue reading

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Will the Government rely on Google to maintain NZ’s nuclear-free law? via TVNZ

When questioned whether he had a more relaxed attitude to New Zealand’s nuclear-free stance than other prime ministers, Mr Key said he was “very cognisant” of his responsibilities to meet the law. “The Americans have for a long time had … Continue reading

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