Floating wind turbines could power Europe four times over, says study via Businessgreen

European Wind Energy Association report says findings highlight need for 2030 renewable energy targets

Offshore wind farms in the deep waters of the North Sea could meet European Union electricity demand four times over, according to a new industry report that calls on the bloc to set renewable energy targets for 2030.

The report, published yesterday by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), argues that floating wind turbine structures and other foundations designed specifically for deep water are the key to unlocking the energy potential of Europe’s seas.

While the cost of developing new technology is expensive, EWEA found that floating structures are cost competitive with fixed structures in waters deeper than 50 meters, as they do not require significant amounts of steel for the foundations.

The EU currently operates at least 5GW of offshore wind capacity, at least 3.3GW of which is located in UK waters. However, the EWEA believes European capacity could reach 150GW by 2030 if the right policies are put in place to support the industry and accelerate the development of floating turbines.

The European Commission is due to present its proposals for the 2030 energy and climate framework later this year, which could include targets covering carbon emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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