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Does Nuclear Plant Proximity Endanger Health? [AUDIO] via New Jersey 101.5

yster Creek Nuclear Power Plant opponents are hosting a forum next Tuesday to discuss an upcoming study looking at the health risk associated with living near U.S. nuclear power plants.
The study is being conducted by National Research Council of the National Academies of Science (NAS).

“This is one of the really first major studies being done, essentially by the government, to determine whether there are elevated cancer rates around nuclear power plants,” Janet Tauro, of the New Jersey Environmental Federation, says.

Tauro says the keynote speakers are members of a doctor’s family who lived near a nuclear power plant in Illinois. She says neither the family nor residents in their surrounding community were told about a tritium leak from the plant that allegedly leached into their major water source.

“And they drank that water for seven years and bathed in it and cooked with it and many people in the area developed cancer. Tauro says their daughter, Sarah, developed a brain tumor.”

Read more and listen here.

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