Fukushima Watch: Doctoring Dosimeters — How Far Did It Go? via The Wall Street Journal

Over the weekend, a subcontractor that worked at the devastated Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant confessed to asking some of its employees to put lead covers on their dosimeters in order to keep their radiation exposure readings artificially low.

Now, Japanese officials are trying to figure out whether the subcontractor, a small Fukushima Prefecture-based firm, was the only one to doctor dosimeters or whether other companies may have done the same.

“If other companies got away with doing this as well, that would be incredible,” Tatsuya Hariu, a spokesman for Fukushima Prefecture’s Labor Division, which is spearheading the probe into the matter, told JRT. “It would be something that impacted everyone who works at nuclear plants. We’re not just targeting (the one firm) — we’re looking into whether other companies properly recorded radiation exposure.”

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